The City as Performative Object

By Esther: “During a repetitive walk around the Hakford building in Amsterdam ZO I use Judith Butler’s ideas on the performativity of gender and apply them to the city space, exploring different possibilities of what I call ‘move-categories’ and ‘move-drag’. (open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain, 17 june 2017)

Down the Rabbit Hole @ Public Art Dialogue

By Esther and Ivar: “At one point we heard the sound of car wheels on that rural road, and to our surprise we found ourselves staring straight into the lenses of a Google Streetview car. At that moment we knew we were captured. This was the beginning of our first trip into the mirrored world or rather; we fell into it as if tumbling down the rabbit hole.”

Elastic Mapping

What are the consequences of GPS-tracks becoming elastic, open for flexible plotting or even radical editing?

Journal For Insiders

After Esther had had her first brainwave for the AmsterdamREALTIME project in 2002 , she did send this text to twenty of her friends. The text describes the initial thoughts on the relevance of digital cartography.