Lost on Arrival, November 2020, 8’00”, short experimental documentary.

Screenings a.o. IDFA 2020 (World Premiere), Berlinale Forum Expanded 2021 (International Premiere), Busan International Short Film Festival, 2021. See Lost on Arrival web page for full screening list.



De Rit/The Ride, November (2019, 12’14”, short experimental documentary).

Screenings a.o.  Visions du Reél 2020, International Medium Length & Short Film Competition; IDFA 2019, Dutch; Eye Film Amsterdam, 2020, New Selected Artist’s Moving Image. See The Ride web page for full screening list.


Gaan om te Zijn/Go Move Be (2018, 9’50”, short experimental).

Screenings a.o. Netherlands Film Festival, (premiere) 2018; Besides the Screenfestival, part of Besides the Screen– Graphic Intelligences & Algorithmic Fictions 2019; Unseen Festival Denver 2019. See Go Move Be web page for full screening list.


The Fortune (2018, 1’, short experimental).

Screenings a.o. Exodus, Buitenplaats Doornburgh 2023; Miami New Media Festival/atelierWG/Arts Connection 2022; Shaping the Invisible World, House of Electronic Arts, Basel, Switzerland  2021; International Short Film Festival Hamburg
 2018. See The Fortune web page for full screening list.


A Collision of Sorts, 2017 (17’12”, second short experimental documentary)


Homestead II (2017, 1’ – short film, loop)

Once We Get There (2016, 49’50”, first mid-length documentary).


Once We Get There is an editing of video’s captured in Google Earth, based on 28 gps and audio recorded walks and rides in Philadelphia, PA, USA in 2014 for our project 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia, as part of an art science residency. See here for all 28 video’s.

The Mailman’s Bag (2014, 60’, mid length experimental video (art work).


π boy (2013, 9’, first short experimental documentary).

What is done cannot be undone (2011, 6’05”, short experimental music film).

Etak: A navigation Opera (2011, 4’26”, short experimental music film).

The Batman (2009), demonstration video Masterclass Sandberg@Mediafonds.