What is done cannot be undone

In this piece the artists create an autonomous choreography of abstract spheres that emerge from an urban park landscape. During the course of 6 minutes the camera circles around the park four times. Both sound scape and visuals create, in sync with the rhythm of the four rotations, a transition from associations with nature to urban associations.
Music composer Huba de Graaff combined field recordings and electronic music for this video work. This combination opens up for the interpretation of the piece in two ways: as an experimental data film, but also as work in the long standing tradition of landscape depiction. This way the island-park is presented as an illusion of the rural, situated in the urban.

“What is done cannot be undone”

location: Erasmuspark, Amsterdam, NL

Huba de Graaff: Composition. Wiek Hijmans: guitar. Capella Amsterdam: vocals. Niekie Meijering: vocals

Artistic motivation
We wanted to make a work that was very structured, almost like an architecture. The same sequence of spatial events, happens four times. This way an audience gets the opportunity to get acquainted with the structure. Through this circular repetition of events, the park becomes a clockwork, a machine that produces time and presents an ambivalent evolution from the rural towards the urban.

Practical information
Year of production: 2011. One channel video, stereo sound. Duration 6’05”.
Commissioned for Bolo-K (Bos en Lommer Kunst) by Kulter