Walking the Machine @ The Wrong and ArtSect Gallery

Curated by Isil Ezgi Celik, The exhibition Becoming-Machine is a  VR & physical exhibition in London at Artsect DAO Gallery (https://www.artsect.xyz/), inviting visitors to explore the concept of becoming-machine through the lens of AI-generated and AI-assisted artworks. Drawing inspiration from Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy, the exhibition will showcase the dynamic relationship between human creativity and machine intelligence, blurring the boundaries between the human and the machine.

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Participating artists: Stephen Roddy – Seph li –  PolakVanBekkum – Martina Menegon – Maciej Szczygielski – Liliana Zaharia – Lena Biresch – Joe Meiser – Jiayu Liu – Jiayuan Yu – Hana Yoo – Karlos Gil – Frida Braide – Deirdre Barrett – Dilara Başköylü – James Bloom – Christophe Bruchansky – Amos I. – Allie Dechow – Ali Nâzım Beşikçi
The Wong Biënale
The Wong Biënale

Sceenshots of the VR exhibition

Information on Walking the Machine can be found on this webpage