Amsterdam Realtime in Spatial Practices

The book Spatial Practices, Public function and politics of art in the network society by Cecilia Guida was published in 2014 by Franco Angeli. Preface by Alberto Abruzzese, including interviewt with Michelangelo Pistoletto, Tommaso Tozzi.

About Amsterdam Realtime Cecilia Guida writes: “The traces experienced through electronic devices represent, metaphorically, extensions of bodies, portraits, diaries and stories of moments of lived life.”

And about MILKProject: “This sort of ‘milk route’ shows Europe (without borders) and addresses, in an unconventional way and taking a primary consumer good as a pretext, the complex network of economic relations between states, their various levels of meaning and the socio-political subjects involved.”

See the Amsterdam Realtime web page and the MILKProject web page for more info.