Publication Frieze Bites & Bricks

Under the title ART, BIG DATA & YOU Frieze published a special issue (no 161) in March 2014. Bytes & Bricks by Robin van den Akker
featuring our 2002 project AmsterdamREALTIME. p.36-37

“How social networks are changing the city: Amsterdam RealTime has become one of the canonical works of the first wave of so-called locative media art, exploring the tension between location as monitored position and as lived space (Christian Nold’s project Emotion Mapping, 2004–ongoing, also comes to mind). What made Polak’s piece so interesting was that it prompted a vague sense of dread at the emergence of yet another means of monitoring our behaviour. Amsterdam RealTime provoked genuine excitement at the technological possibilities offered by what we have since come to term smartphones.”