Press on The Ride

De Rit/The Ride short film, 12’14”, 2019

The Ride
It came to me one day that I needed to return to the island. That I had to retrace the route he took that night, this time with me as his passenger. That we might stop at the spot, as if it were a portal.

Press (in English)
Q&A at IDFA 2019
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Business Doc Europe

Press (In Dutch)
Joyce Roodnat – NRC: ‘Polaks verdriet boort zich in mij. ‘
Nooit Meer Slapen – Radio interview met Pieter van der Wielen (NPO): ‘Hoe ver­meed je dat onder­w­erp?’
Hanna Hagenaars – How to Live: ‘Nie­mand gaat op pad met de inten­tie een ongeluk te veroorza­k­en. 
Kunst is Lang – Radio interview

The Ride in the Old Curch (Oude Kerk) in Amsterdam

‘Carte Blanche’: the Visions du Reél Artist
Introduction of The Ride.