Locative Space: Situated and Interconnected

“Perhaps the locative project par excellence is MILK, winner of this year’s Golden Nica at Ars Electronica. With MILK, the artists, Esther Polak and Ieva Auzina, used GPS traceroutes to create a form of landscape art for network society. MILK is based in part on a project by Polak and the Waag Society, “Real Time Amsterdam” in which Amsterdam bicyclists created a map of city’s bizarre traffic routes by the sedimentation of their GPS transponders over a period of weeks. Polak’s latest work connects Manuel Castells’s “space of flows” with his “space of place” by tracing the path of an agricultural product, in this case milk, from its origins in rural Latvia to a cheese vendor in the Netherlands.”

Thomas Angermann

Turbulence Blog 2005