Pers/Press De Rit/The Ride

De Rit/The Ride short film 12:14 2019 The RideIt came to me one day that I needed to return to the island. That I had to retrace the route he took that night, this time with me as his passenger. That we might stop at the spot, as if it were a portal. Press (In […]

City as Performative Object shown in London

Our walking essay has been shown in a very charming exhibition between 3-6 October 2019. Find below the kind letter that was send to us by the curators. They express how the work resonated in the context of the exhibition and park. Dear Esther and Ivar Thank you so much for giving us permission to […]


Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum in Conversation with Edward Shanken and Yolande Harris. (250MilesCrossing Philadelphia BLog, September 2014)

Taking art to a new realm

by Samantha Melamed: “There’s a half-hour track recorded inside the refrigerator at the restaurant Uzbekistan in Northeast Philadelphia, the door opening and closing on the clatter of pots, the chatter of Russian-speaking voices. There’s another of a horse from Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club clomping through North Philadelphia. The artists also track a dog’s frenetic investigation of a vacant lot, and a front-end loader moving piles of refuse around a dump in Tioga.”

Representations of Mobility

By Mimi Sheller: “What happens when the virtual and real worlds meet? What effects do virtual representations of mobility have on reality?” (250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia Blog, 2014)

Sensorial Awareness

By Robert Blackson: “The Beagle was, in essence, my steering wheel and with it I began walking around north Philadelphia, doing as I was told from its recorded instructions. I found something Acconcian in 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia. Like Acconci’s 1969 “Following Piece” I attributed a certain level of menace to my walk.” (250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia Blog, 2014)

PATHS OF MOVEMENT @ The Mobile Story

By Lone Koefoed Hansen: ” This is not unlike classic landscape painting, which was also made for those not actually inhabiting them; however, the visualizations in Souvenir are different because they depict movements and not vistas. “

Publication Frieze

Under the title ART, BIG DATA & YOU Frieze published a special issue (no 161) in March 2014, also featuring our 2002 project AmsterdamREALTIME.

Space Inscribed, Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum at HICA – 2010

By Murdo Macdonald: “The more I write the less I want to describe the work in detail. That is the greatest compliment I can give it for, as is the way with good art, it engenders thought, it pushes you immediately past the detail of the work.” (Calaloque text for the exhibition Abstract View in HICA, Scotland)

Beyond Locative Media

Even MILK’s project is not about milk, but rather about the people involved in the production and distribution of milk as it transforms from Latvian biological fluid to Dutch product.