Work in progress – Waterdrawings

 Water Drawings, 2022-ongoing

Water color pencil and sprayed water on Hahnemühle 300 gr water color paper.

Water color drawings, 40 cm high x 240-290 cm wide

On the banks of the IJssel river, just a little north of the city of Zutphen (NL), you can observe the river and all its quirky movements. Tiny, larger and circular streams, small repetitive vortices, straight and bended waves. Most of these fascinating patterns are caused by groynes, built to prevent erosion of the river bank. Understanding Eddy currents asks for patience.

In our relentless search for movements in the landscape, movements of the landscape, movements that make the landscape, the movement of water has a double role in this series of works. We draw the patterns of flowing water in water that we ourselves allow to flow across the paper. The drawings have thus become both an intended and accidental landscape at the same time.


Presentation history 

2025 Kunstenlab Deventer Netherlands Exhibition Tidings from the Two-dimensional