Wall Drawing Wind

Wall Drawing Wind is a work depicting wind generated movements of balloons attached to a meadow wall.


Wall Drawing Wind triptych in the exhibition with the Highland Institute for Contemporary Art, Scotland

Part I



Part II

Part III

Artistic motivation
We had used location-data in many projects before. We often combined them with a “sub-voice” in any form, that gave an explanation to the image. Wall Drawing Wind is one of the first experiments were we intended to rely on the autonomous power of the medium: to make it stand on its own as an aesthetic experience. All trhee works were based on the same data set and one could argue that there is still a “sub-voice” as the images explain each other. As a result of this realisation we decided to also show the works independently of each other.

Practical information
Year of production 2010. Triptych consists of an animation of gps-data (left) and two colour prints mounted on aluminium, 40×26,5 cm each