Work in progress – Viewing Cabin with many Windows

Ivar is Sketching in 3D
Viewing Cabin with many Windows (working title) will be based on true sound recordings of conversations and visualized by 3d and 2d animation (Animated Documentary)

Short description

Almost 50 years ago, Esther Polak’s mother died in a traffic accident. Due to an inability to grieve, Esther barely talked about it with family. The memories of the accident have become a new, fragmented reality.

The film is based on sound recordings of conversations with the people involved. Each time the question was: how do you remember the accident, or how do you remember that you heard about the accident? Most of these conversations had never been held before. Despite, or perhaps because of the silence, it turned out that the memories were somehow still fresh. Recurring themes are guilt and recrimination surrounding the accident.

Esther is sketching in 2D
Esther as 3D model is exploring the road

Artistic Motivation 

We noticed that the memories we recorded are narrated very spatially. The place where the person was when they heard about the accident always plays a role. Also, those involved often have a spatial representation of the accident, even if they were not there. The film will thus become a journey through the architecture or cartography of memory constructions.


Research: Monique Lesterhuis
Coaching: Lidija Zelovic
Coaching: Douwe Dijkstra
Coaching: Merijn de Boer

Financial support

Netherlands Film Fund