NomadicShoppingA locative media project and world premiere of GPS track docu-fiction, central theme being the The Opzeeland Dairy Route by night.
To create a double image of space and place, Esther Polak used the “mashup website”

The website combines images of GPS registrations with YouTube route-footage.
Combined and synchronized, tracks and video’s can be followed step by step resulting in an extremely realistic experience of armchair traveling.


Artistic motivation
To free ourselves from the belief that GPS was only thinkable as an indexical medium that will always record something that actually happened, we decided to experiment with fictional GPS data. We greatly enjoyed this especially since we decided that this work was the world première of GPS-fiction. This idea was the precursor of Elastic Mapping.

Practical information
Year of production 2007. Website with flash films (actual geo-data viz engine went off line). NomadicShopping was part of the project “Kijken naar Haarlem Oost (Looking at Haarlem Oost)”