Souvenir Zeeland

In 2008, Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum followed, with GPS, the tracks of farmers that work the fields for crops.
The sand robot (developed by Esther Polak for the NomadicMILK project) did run these farmers tracks, scaled in time and space, over big sheets of paper. The track was fixed using a special developed technique of mono-printing during the working week in the Bewaerschole (June 21-June 25 2008) this process did slowly result in the installation.

During the exhibition the mono-print were (on the spot AND on-line) soled, for a special discount prize.
Project website

Artistic motivation
In this piece we wanted to experiment with selling the work as a means of interaction with the public. As the public existed mostly of tourists we made a special price, which lasted during the exhibition period. One of the most striking things during the process of selling prints was the decision making process.

Practical information
Year of production 2008. 6 sets of 9 monoprints (100 x 70 cm). The project resulted in a large scale installation, consisting of monoprints that were sold during the exhibition. One set of prints was kept intact, and is to date available for exhibition purposes.