These are Memories that few have cared to claim – Sand Engravings

“These are memories that few have cared to claim”, #1, #2, #3
(after Susan Sontag / Regarding the pain of others),


Artistic motivation

Salt Lakes, Utah, the salt desert with its distant areas of salty mud and dried out land. The sky bright and full of colour, tincturing the shadows blue.

Salt Lakes, Utah, VS, een zoutwoestijn met aan de randen zoute modder en uit- gedroogd land. De lucht helder en vol van kleur, zo dat de schaduwen er blauw van worden.

Practical information
Material/Technique: human bodies, rung ladder, wooden pole, sun, photography, giclée print Ep- son enhanced matte printed with Epson ultra chrome K3 pigment ink on an Epson pro large 11880/9800

130 x 86,5 cm – 1/3
90×60 cm – 1/ 3,
210×140 cm – 1

curtsey: Rento Brattinga | galerie