Follow Your Instinct

In our project “Follow your Instinct” light is used to portray both dog and owner not as a static image,
but as a flow of interactive movements.

Developed for the outdoors festival Winterlicht “Follow your Instinct” consists of  making a series of long exposure images of people and their dogs. We record the difference in walking rhythm between the dog and its owner. The resulting images are printed on the spot, available for the participants but also hung on a tent, creating an archive of images. Specially designed wearable lights are available to play with. Participant can also bring their own lights. Join us with or without your dog!

The first edition took place in the framework of
Winterlicht 13-15 December between 17:00 and 22:00  Julianapark; Schiedam; Netherlands
All pictures on this page are from this event.

Dogs and their owners interaction in light drawings:

Marielle en Marc
This beauty is made by the event’s fire eater standing in the middle and his dog chasing a led lighted ball.

Petra en Rena

This one was made by Petra and Reina and their two dogs playing.


Poubelle-en-p Poubelle-en-p
The owners of the dogs Poubelle and Pierot brought their own set of lights.
Humans playing with humans:
Daisy en Sasha EN Erik
Erik stands in the middle making symbolic movements while the girls Daisy and Sasha are dancing around him.

Artistic motivation
Based in the tradition of long exposure photographs to visualize patters of movement (Étienne-Jules Marey) this collaborative performance creates a very simple situation for people to enjoy the visualizations their movements, and how they differ from their dogs.

Practical Information
“Follow Your Instinct” is a collaborative performance that is suitable for festival settings and reaches a lot of audience. The project is very attractive for both adults and children. Needed: a relative dark field in a park where dogs are allowed to run free. The performance bests starts one hour after sunset. The artist bring a set up that makes it possible to do about 80 drawings in 4 hours. Every participant is given a printout of their own drawing on A5 format.

ball ball02
One of the dogs playing with a led lighted ball.