To capture the moment when something is about to happen, or just happened, or even both…
Every representation of movement changes again one’s experience of space.

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When we teach, we concentrate on needs of students, but we also like to invite students to work with us on our ongoing projects.

In the context of exhibitions we like to conduct workshops that deepen the insight in our work or work that inspired us. To get an impression of the workshops we give, you can take a look at the Geotales blog, or contact us directly.

Our lectures primarily aim to inspire the audience. Their perspective is our starting point, be it professionals in any field or (art)students, we take them on a trip into seeing their own world anew.
Our expertise is landscape, movements and mobility and the new technologies that shape our perception.
Besides showing and talking about work, we discuss work of other artists that inspire us and give striking examples of the effects of contemporary mobile technologies.

Ivar (in English) at Ignite Philly 2014
Our talk at Stadsleven 2015 (in Dutch)  can be found here
An other example (in Dutch) can be found at vimeo
A nice radio interview (in Dutch) with us by Bert Kommerij can be found here

Our work has been generously supported by numerous national and international governmental, non-gouvernmental and privat organizations like The Mondriaan Foundation, ZKM Karlsruhe, Stichting Liedts-Meessen, STROOM The Hague, Stichting kfHEIN, Stichting Stokroos, European Cultural Foundation, Digitale Pioniers, Royal Netherlands Embassy (several countries), Education et Culture, Culture 2000, Ministery of Agriculture The Netherlands, NIMk, NCDO, NWO, Friesland Foods and many more.

Artists Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum

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WG plein 31
1054 RA Amsterdam

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