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Droit de Suite – Tribute to Sophie Calle

Invited for the residency and exhibition “From Bits to Paper” (Feb- March 2016), Ivar and Esther developed a month-long performance, behaving  like digital location-trackers. They moved through Strasbourg, targeted people who were walking in the streets and followed them on foot, anonymously. The pursuits stopped when their signal got lost. The project was announced by […]

Sensorial Awareness

By Robert Blackson: “The Beagle was, in essence, my steering wheel and with it I began walking around north Philadelphia, doing as I was told from its recorded instructions. I found something Acconcian in 250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia. Like Acconci’s 1969 “Following Piece” I attributed a certain level of menace to my walk.” (250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia Blog, 2014)

250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia

Dutch visual artists Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum lived 7 months in Philadelphia. New to the city, they invited inhabitants, both human and non-human, to explain their city. Wandering by themselves, the protagonists recorded their trajectories, sounds and private readings of the streets, allowing the artists to access their experiences only afterwards. The film […]