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Urban Fruit Street Wrapper

Urban Fruit Street Wrapper is a project about the unfolding of spaces both real and virtual… Wrapped around an orange, Street View images become tangible. A totally new relationship between the human body and this virtual space arises once a person holds this work in their hands.

He leaves his house to walk his dog in shorts

A core aspect of the work was that we offered to print any chosen location, on demand. Collectors could enjoy a serious discount if they also shared some personal information about their motives of picking a location. (This discount opportunity was closed by the end of 2013)


For example this person,  who lives in a houseboat in Amsterdam, commissioned a Wrapper for the reason that her home was travelling elsewhere during the passing of the Street View Car, and she wanted to hold on to this moment of absence in the form of a wrapper.


The project had been presented in different forms… The most spectacular being the recent display as part of the 250 miles project in Philadelphia:

On this location in West Philly, we realised a temporary mural, with an image of the street opposing the mural

The street, facing the mural is mirrored in the fruit wrapper. For us this work in Public Space is the “Rabbit Hole” into the virtual world…
The project has been presented in exhibition settings:

130410-Opening Drones

Part of: Drones / Birds – Princes of Ubiquity Brussels 2013 as part of “The Digital Now”.