OffCourse@Minerva – reenactment of performance art in public space

The City as Performative Object
During a series of Fridays between september and december 2017 in Groningen, Ivar and Esther conducted a workshop, OffCourse@Minerva, during which we focussed on performance art in public space. The course starts with re-enactment of groundbreaking performances, and will develop into a more student directed approach where performances are developed either in groups or individually.

Participatory research
Students are invited to research one aspect of art history in a playful and participatory way: performance art in public space . The research will be executed not from behind the desktop but by foot: literally by re-enacting historical performances in Groningen. Students pick a performance piece, and re-enact it in their own city environment. Before going into the street students will formulate a question, that they “ask the performance” and that will be answered after the re-enactment. The work method is inspired by  experimental archaeology: a scientific approach where pre historic situations are studied by re-enacting live styles, tool building, working methods. Applying  this method to the recent historie of performance art in public space will open up for a dynamic form of embodied knowledge concerning an ephemeral art form.

Re enactment of Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing by Francis Alÿs, 1997.
Executed by: Caitlyn Kroezen, Kipras Varanavicius, Irina Iliesei, Ingrid In der Maur and Ivar van Bekkum
Ingrid In der Maur: “For me the most important thing of re-enacting is doing, just doing, experiencing, just experiencing and this time not only pushing the ice cube, but also to work together, to look at people’s reactions!”
Re-enactment of “Suite Vénitienne”  by Sophie Calle.  Executed by Irina Iliesei and Kipras Varanavicius
Reenactment A line made by Walking by Richard Long.

Re-enactment of “A line Made by Walking” by Richard Long.

Re-enactment in Groningen October 13 th 2017 Excecuted by Ingrid In der Maur

Ingrid In der Maur:
I thought this would be very peaceful and calming to do.

I started at 10:48 and ended the Line at 11:18. I felt this was a very short experience, it will not be the last.

I was cycling through the Noorderplantsoen in the morning, heading to a very quiet meadow in the North of Groningen. I stopped at the playground in the Noorderplantsoen, because it was still very quiet and I love the energy of children playing.