Workshop Quarry as Performative Object

Our workshop The Quarry as Performative Object was part of the minor Artistic Research in Situ at the Maastricht Institute of Arts (Zuyd). We conducted the workshop in the ENCI-Quarry in Maastricht.

In this three day workshop we asked the students to view the Quarry through the lense of mobility and come up with a work in which mobility and landscape play a role. The aim was to hand a new way to view the landscape and to be inspired to research that new mediation.

As inspiration we started with a walk in which all students walked close together, focussing their gaze on each other’s back. In this way their periferal view could bcome dominant and it is possible to experience the landscape as a moving phenomenon.

The second walk we did was in pairs, one of the couple waring a blindfold, the other guiding in whatever way they thought would be interesting, by hand, voice or sound of footsteps. This walk was ment to experience the soundscape of the surroundings. sounds often move as well and will create depth and direction.

The students developed an idea and a script and managed to deliver video’s at the end of the workshop that we all viewed and discussed. Some worked in teams, some individual.


Workshop Querrry As Performative Object - Walking with blindfold
Workshop Querrry As Performative Object - peripheral view walk
Workshop Querrry As Performative Object - working on script
Workshop Querrry As Performative Object - editing video
Workshop Querrry As Performative Object -

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From 2001 until 2011 Prof. Dr. Petran Kockelkoren ( NL ), held the chair in Art and Technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente. At the same time he held the lectureship Art and Technology at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts in Enschede.

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