150522 – Guiding Voices Harare


During 6 consecutive walks, the players passed on a given score by negotiating their trajectories between each other and the city in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The work can be listened to in an indoors setting, or during a walk either in a random city or following the score from its original starting point: The First Floor Gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe
IMG_5209 IMG_5210IMG_5215IMG_5297

The work was executed in collaboration with
Valerie Kabov and First Floor Gallery Harare

participating artists:
Rodney Badza – BFA student and gallery intern
Thomas Muziyirwa – video artist, film maker
Carlos Ndawi – artist
Option Nyahunzvi – artist – painter/printmaker
Franklin Dzingai – artist – printmaker
Trevor Gupo – photography student
Ronald Sigauke – artist
Ama Badze – music and visual artist
Zanele Mutema – installation artist/sculptor
Mavis Tauzeni – painting/print, installation
Terrence Musekiwa – sculptor

Some weeks earlier we had executed the same concept in Amsterdam.
Around 5:00 min confusion is hitting the students:

IMG_025002  IMG_0251-2