The Sound Sails/Het Geluid Vaart

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The Sound Sails/Het Geluid Vaart, 2020, 2021, 2022

Created for the occasion of the Oerol-Festival, The Netherlands

Audio, 17 episodes of one hour long field recordings. Twelve episodes (2020 and 2021) recorded on the Dutch island Terschelling, five (2022) recorded on the Carribean island Curaçao.


Imagine: you’re gonna lie back somewhere out there with your eyes closed. You listen, you feel the sun on your face.
This is ‘The Sound Sails’, a podcast that makes precisely that possible, wherever you are. Each episode consists of one hour of continuous sound, recorded somewhere on Terschelling. Every day a new hour: The surf, a meadow full of birds or a forest edge.
This way you can enjoy the island feeling, without inconveniences like rain, mosquitoes or thistles. We have already endured those for you.
With sounds, it’s almost as if they are somewhere else, but in fact, they travel all the time – the sound sails.

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Realisation intro’s and interviews 2021 and 2022 : audiocollective Luid en Duidelijk (Inge ter Schure and Maartje Willems)
Sound technician 2020, 2021, 2022: Arno Peeters
Commissioned by Marin de Boer for OEROL 2020, 2021, 2022
Selwyn de Wind, advice 2022
Nathifa Martina, Palabricks, correctie Papiamentu 2022
2022: Instituto Buena Bista – Tirzo Martha en David Bade; Skol pa Desaroyo Integral Tirzo Martha- Vallery Zimmerman, Jeushelin Isenia-Belefanti; Dienst Openbare Scholen Curaçao – Rensley Wanga; Hofi Francisco – Maria en Francisco
2021: intro’s by MC Melodee, Nathifa Martina, Quinsy Gario, Melania Suares, Kevin Osepa, Selwyn de Wind en Tosca Geneste.
VriendenLoterij Fonds

Press about the 2020 edition (in Dutch)
– HUMAN: In Het Geluid Vaart brengen PolakVanBekkum de geluiden van het eiland in een serie podcasts naar de bezoekers toe.
– NRC: Ivar van Bekkum en Esther Polak proberen de stilte te vangen in de podcastreeks Het geluid vaart.

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