Route Cinema

From the beginning of 2010 on we have been developing a series of Google Earth animations, in order to find out how this medium might form the basis of a cinematographic experience. We wrote a theoretical text on our choice of medium “Visiting Google Earth“. On this page you can find a selection of the works.

Artistic motivation
Google Earth is a one to one representation of our real world. Each location in the real world exists also in Google Earth, and also only once. This is what we think is unique about this virtual space.
We work with Google Earth both as an “objective” spatial arena and as a subjective “theater” in which narratives unfold.



HOMESTEAD II makes a monumental gesture by placing three copies of the model ‘earth’ above its surface and have a virtual camera circle around it.

Practical information
Year of production 2017. Duration: 60 sec or as loop.  One channel video.

Etak: A navigation Opera

This work takes you on a drive through an abstract landscape in Google Earth. The piece is based in the ambivalent experience of using SatNav systems, on the one hand liberating, on the other hand making the driver dependent on orders by an intimate voice. The short story is based on sung SatNav instructions, and ends in a beautiful and touching apotheosis.

Google Earth animation: Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum. Composition: Huba de Graaff. Vocals: Het Nederlands Kamerkoor

Practical information:
Year of production 2011. One channel video projection with sound. Duration 4:26 min

Het Nationale CANTA ballet, opening sequence

Music: Robin Rimbaud (Scanner). Videographics: Rogério Lira.

Practical information
These six films, projected on six screens of 5.50 x 2.4 metres each, were the introduction to the show ‘Het Nationale CANTA ballet’, a 50th anniversary show from The National Ballet for this special occasion combined with CANTA-cars (small cars for the disabled).

Het Nationale Canta ballet is produced after an idea of Bert Kommerij, Maartje Nevejan and Karin Spaink. Viewpoint Productions, © 2012.


In this animation we follow the GPS track of the protégé, who jumps out of an aircraft for the first time of her live. The animation is made in Google Earth solely, using the platform’s cartographic space as an environment to create a cinematographic experience. The animation is based on a self recorded GPS track, combined with the sampled soundtracks of different YouTube footage.

Authors: Corinne van Egeraat en PolakVanBekkum. Esther Polak en Ivar van Bekkum: Google Earth visualization and camera movements. Corinne van Egeraat: director. Mark Glynne: sound. Rob Das: edit consultant. Stetz: production

Practical information
Year of production 2011. One channel video projection with sound. Duration 4:38 min. Realized in the context of Mediafonds@Sandberg