160422 – Technology / Affect / Space #1

Mapping Affect Space

Organized by LAPS & Open!
Podium / vr 22 apr / 14:00
De Balie, Amsterdam

Voertaal: Engels

Een publieke discussie over en onderzoek naar cartografie en belichaming van de techno-zintuigelijke ruimtelijke orde van ‘Affect Space’

This public meeting discusses how the emergent techno-sensuous spatial order of Affect Space can be mapped using the very technologies that produce these new dynamics. We also question how the body is situated in these dense spaces as both an affective receptor and amplifier?

Talks and presentations by:

Christian Nold, artist designer (Emotional Cartography), artists Esther Polak/Ivar van Bekkum, choreographer and media researcher Susan Kozel, cultural and media theorist Nishant Sha, performance artist Arthur Elsenaar, Jeroen Boomgaard(LAPS), and Eric Kluitenberg.

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