Full crowd at Big art at performance Pendulum, Pendulum is half way.
Full crowd at Big art performance Pendule

BIGART nr. 4, 2019, Hembrug, Amsterdam
September 2019, Zaanstad, Netherlands
An edition of Pendulum (Pendule).

Pendulum is the drawn record of movement, an event. An event occurred here, in this place, during a certain period in the (near) past. You could also call it a documentary, the story of a sequence of events.

Each movement produces its own landscape, this bottle as much as the trip to Big Art or the crossing over the IJ.

During BIGART, we performed Pendule every afternoon, always on the hour.

result of Big Art Pendulum Performance

BIG ART nr. 4 2019, Hembrug
More than 70 oversized artworks on show.
Hembrugterrein — De ProjectFabriek,
Middenweg 63 1505 RK Zaanstad

Pendulum Print