July 16 – Sept 25 Grazing Choreographies @ Museum IJsselstein

Grazing Choreographies Museum IJsselstein
Three drawings at the exhibition in Museum IJsselstein

July 16 – Sept 25 Grazing Choreographies @ Museum IJsselstein, special edition

Especially for this exhibition, Esther and Ivar added a new chapter to their ongoing project, Grazing Choreographies. The work consists of handmade drawings of grazing patterns of cows and narrative diary notes. It is strongly influenced by twenty years of working with GPS technology and the development of robot technology. The results are as abstract as they are realistic. They are stories about the drawing itself, the grazing and social interaction of cows, who do the same things as humans: move, play, explore space, and pay attention to each other. Previous editions took place in the Swiss Alps and on Groningen’s flat land.

Grazing Choreographies Ijsselstein
Plein Air Drawing
Plein Air Drawing
Grazing choreographies IJsselstein

Time and place

16 juli t/m 25 september 2022 Museum IJsselstein, IJsselstein, Netherlands


Part of the exhibition Mens maakt landschap, landschap maakt mens
Webpage about project on Museum IJsselstein’s website
Curated by guestcurators Dennis l’Ami (journalist) en  Arnold Hoogerwerf (media-artist) in collaboration with conservator Amy Stenvert.