The hunt for digital sunrises or how to reset your biological clock

Performance @ Rento Brattinga | Galerie , Amsterdam

The Hunt for Digital Sunrises or how to reset your biological clock
The Hunt for Digital Sunrises or how to reset your biological clock

Sunday, November 29, 4 pm, 2015

The Hunt for Digital Sunrises or How to Reset Your Biological Clock

In this performance the analog and digital worlds come together. PolakVanBekkum: Occasionally, we looked up from the screen to outside, where clouds and rain had made it dark remarkably early. The darkness did not touch us. What we found again and again was REAL TIME.

The performance is part of the solo exhibition Driver’s Dog.

This second solo exhibition by PolakVanBekkum at Rento Brattinga | gallery provides an overview of PolakvanBekkum’s most recent projects. Shadows, tracks, and etchings in the sand depict their road trip across the United States. Movement of Philadelphia residents, captured by them with GPS in their project “250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia,” are burned into paper in laser beams as a reference to historical maps. In their digital animations, one literally undergoes movement: colored spheres trace a trail through Philadelphia in a 2-dimensional world of satellite images. The tracks’ owners are audible in footsteps, ambient sounds, and panting.

Artist duo PolakVanBekkum – Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum – navigate between the analog and digital worlds in a continuous search for new experiences of movement in the landscape. In each project, these artists use a special way to encode the experience of the landscape. For example, through mapping, GPS, Google Earth, sound, and laser engravings.

PolakVanBekkum | Driver’s Dog

Solo exhibition November 27 through December 30, 2015