City as Performative Object 4

Dates: between June 23 and July 1, 2020 The lockdown has changed the way people move around the city. This change was the object of the study of the workshop program ‘The City as Performative Object’. During the various online workshop sessions with a focus on Amsterdam, the following questions have been addressed and explored […]

OffCource @ Minerva

Students are invited to research one aspect of the art history: performance art in public space in a playful and participatory way. The research will be executed not from behind the desktop but by foot: literally by re-enacting historical performances in Groningen.

The City as Performative Object

Research on “The City as Performative Object”. This investigation is based on our hypothesis that the city is created by move-act of the individual.

160209/11 – Workshop Lines Inscribed

We, The Group, continue listening around the phone, like gathering around a fireplace… I suppose we all imagine the city that we listen in on. Some descriptions and sentences are warm and funny. Move us…

150522 – Guiding Voices Harare

During 6 consecutive walks, the players passed on a given score by negotiating their trajectories between each other and the city in Harare, Zimbabwe. The work can be listened to in an indoors setting, or during a walk either in a random city or following the score from its original starting point: The First Floor […]

Guiding Voices

This City Sextet is a composition of street-chamber music performed by 6 players.

130930 Eclectis Workshop @ Hyperion College

We hielden een database bij van ALLE cirkels die de leerlingen hebben gemaakt. Het uiteindelijke resultaat was een compilatie van alle cirkels, nu opnieuw getekend, op het terras van EyeFilm in Noord.

110310 – Pixelache

“On Exactitude in Mapping” “On Exactitude in Mapping” is a non technological, participatory performance in the tradition of “Relational Aesthetics”. The audience did, for a brief moment, became the map, the piece, the story and the landscape. for more information please go here