Lost on Arrival

Lost on Arrival, 2020, short film/documentary. In this film a man, after retiring, wants to return to the Caribbean island where he once lived. However, advancing dementia ruins his idyllic plans. He moves there but never really arrives. This heartbreaking drama is portrayed using extremely minimalist means. Except for the opening scene, all we see […]

Fronting Motion

“Fronting Motion” is an networked installation visualizing real-time data of ships entering the Southampton Harbour and nearby road traffic .

Walking the Machine

Instead of gaming and fighting, we traverse the snowy landscape in a meditative way: a peace-full, lonely, and at moments boring hike.

The Ride/De Rit

  This autobiographical video work takes you to an island. A driver and passenger are revisiting an experience that affected them both deeply. Now, as then, it is night; and the stars in the clear endless sky are right where they were back then. The RideIt came to me one day that I needed to […]

A Collision of Sorts

A Collision Of Sorts was screened as part of the ‘Gouden Kalf’ Competition at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht. The screening took place on September 23, 2017.

Daily Life at the Crossing

Watching this film, our minds will try to fix the visual and audio deficiencies and create coherent space. Video and both left and right audio channels are derived from ‘reality’ but do not match as we are used to.

The Fortune

The bell rings, the music starts. A merry-go-round starts to move and we’re in it. It takes us on a bumpy rotating ride on a december morning. A view of a cheerful but ominous landscape unfolds. This short film with the title ‘The Fortune’ (‘Geluk zoeken doe je maar op het Malieveld’ in Dutch) is […]

The Mailman’s Bag

A bag that never parts from the mailman’s body, records the moment to moment interaction of mail delivery.

Route Cinema

Movies based on the idea of Google Earth being a mirror or temporary copy of the real world.