Spiral Drawing Sunrise

A small robot is equipped with a solar panel and an hourglass.
It starts moving as the light of the rising sun provides increasing amounts of energy. The machine draws as the sand is flowing, making a spiral pattern over time.
The sand drawing depicts every sunrise unique, as each morning happens only ones. Passersby, who are to late to experience the sunrise in person, can still encounter it via the Spiral Drawing. The performance starts at sunrise and lasts till noon. During these hours an automatic drawing unfolds, writing the sunrise on the pavement.

Taskim Square Istanbul

There are different techniques used to print the sunrises. For example this brass version,
made for the Marrakech Biennial

Project Blog

Artistic motivation
The sunrise is a magical moment of the day, but often missed by sleep or morning hurries. During the performance we create a situation of attention to this astronomical event, even if it is already some hours later in the day.

Practical information
Year of production 2008-ongoing. Spiral Drawing Sunrise consists of a performance in public space that lasts from sunrise till noon.

Performances can be booked via the artists
For exhibition purposes a 6 min. video and/or a print are available

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