Het Geluid Vaart 2022

Vanaf 10 juni – Het Geluid Vaart op Oerol 2022 – Eiland in je zak Met de Nul-aflevering; een interview over het ontstaan van Het Geluid Vaart. Link naar Soundcloud rss-feed: https://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:89713928/sounds.rss Open in Apple Podcasts Open in Google Podcasts Open in Spotify Open in Audible Open in Castbox Open in Stitcher Ga zitten, sluit […]


A sound recording made at an artificial waterfall in the small river Berkel in the east of the Netherlands.

Radio Oostvaart

Esther: ‘I hope that people will look at the different ways of dealing with animals. People living or working just a mile away from each other can have a completely different approach to these creatures.’ In three weeks – from 4 to 24 September 2006 – Esther made a total of 15 vodcasts in three […]

Luidt de Zuidpoort

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/65392190[/vimeo]The strangeness of a new house ore neighbourhood becomes apparent it the experience of the sounds. To develop a feeling of home, one has to get familiar with the sounds of the place. In the beginning, every new sound stands out. The project Luidt de Zuidpoort uses this heightened sensibility for sound, in organizing a […]

Observing the Sea

Esther Polak invited ten specialists of the sea at Scheveningen lighthouse to tell her about their personal relation with the sea. A marathon session of 24 hours. Each guest looks at the sea from another angle and explaines this. In August and September 2004 the resulting one hour radio program (Dutch only) was broadcasted day […]