Grazing Choreographies

Grazing Choreographies is a book that you can enter as a landscape, that has the suppleness of a field guide and lies in your hands like a meadow that needs to be grazed with all the senses you have. The book contains 48 Plein Air pencil drawings of the grazing patterns of cows. Executed in […]

Walking the Machine

Instead of gaming and fighting, we traverse the snowy landscape in a meditative way: a peace-full, lonely, and at moments boring hike.

The Ride/De Rit

  This autobiographical video work takes you to an island. A driver and passenger are revisiting an experience that affected them both deeply. Now, as then, it is night; and the stars in the clear endless sky are right where they were back then. The RideIt came to me one day that I needed to […]

A Collision of Sorts

A Collision Of Sorts was screened as part of the ‘Gouden Kalf’ Competition at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht. The screening took place on September 23, 2017.

Droit de Suite – Tribute to Sophie Calle

Invited for the residency and exhibition “From Bits to Paper” (Feb- March 2016), Ivar and Esther developed a month-long performance, behaving  like digital location-trackers. They moved through Strasbourg, targeted people who were walking in the streets and followed them on foot, anonymously. The pursuits stopped when their signal got lost. The project was announced by […]

The Mailman’s Bag

A bag that never parts from the mailman’s body, records the moment to moment interaction of mail delivery.

Follow Your Instinct

“Follow your Instinct” consists of making a series of long exposure images of people and their dogs.

Swarming Out

The entrance of the beach acts as a funnel for seaside visitors: a collaborative performance in Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

Route Cinema

Movies based on the idea of Google Earth being a mirror or temporary copy of the real world.

Souvenir Zeeland

In 2008, Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum followed, with GPS, the tracks of farmers that work the fields for crops. The sand robot (developed by Esther Polak for the NomadicMILK project) did run these farmers tracks, scaled in time and space, over big sheets of paper. The track was fixed using a special developed technique […]


A locative media project and world premiere of GPS track docu-fiction, central theme being the The Opzeeland Dairy Route by night.