Fin du Monde


Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper – part of Incredible Travel Experiences an exhibition about travelling in contemporary art.
April till July 2014 CBK Assen; NL

On this occasion we exhibit a location of our own choice.

The accompanying text:

“Inspired by the French origins of the car, we name this location “Fin du Monde”, and imagine a small bar that could have been there, at the end of a dusty dirt road in a Mediterranean country. A refreshing cool breeze dispels the heat. Hang out in bar Fin du Monde, and lookout in the direction of that rocky coast, with a beer in your hand, see the sun set. The end.

Had the world been flat, you might have been able to see the coastline across the sea. You could imagine, if you would feel like it, that the people on the other side can see your coastline too.”

Urban Fruit Street Wrapper – Lampedusa 2013

Fin du Monde, de franse makelij van de auto volgend, zo zou het barretje moeten heten dat hier had kunnen staan. Aan het einde van een stoffig zandpad in een mediterraan land waar een verfrissend koele zeebries de hitte van het land verjaagt. Hangen in bar Fin du Monde, en daar aan die rotsige kust, met een biertje in je hand, de zon zien ondergaan. Het einde.

Als de wereld plat was, kun je vanuit daar misschien net de overkant zien en dan zou je bedenken, als je daar zin in hebt, dat ze aan de andere kant ook jouw kust kunnen zien.

Urban Fruit Street Wrapper – Lampedusa 2013

lampedusa_rixc_img_1135Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper at the Rixc Open Fields Exhibition, Riga, Latvia. From September 30 until November 2, 2016.

artistic motivation
During our research on street view we found that in 2014 the coverage of Steet View was limited to what sometimes is called “Ford Europe”. We realized that “they” in the Global South, could see “us” Europeans, given an proper internet connection, our houses, our streets, our daily life. But our street view of them, was limited to traditional means, as for example looking over the sea.

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