The NomadicMILK project tracks the daily routes of two milk-related economies in Nigeria, between January and December 2009. It follows the movements of Mr. Idiris, a cowherd, and his family during the dry season. It also follows the distribution of PEAK milk, one of the best-known brands of powdered and condensed milk in Nigeria. The routes are tracked by GPS, and drawings of each route are made on the ground, using a custom-developed GPS drawing robot. This way we can easily discuss the routes with the people involved. Finally, monoprints are made of every route or combination of routes.


an archiving video showing you the flash-website

The project’s weblog


In recent years we started to show the work in a more abstract way:
( zone@Source 2018) Find below the screencapured video of the original flash website by Bente van Bourgondien. Artistic motivation The NomadicMILK project followed directly out of the MILKproject. The main focus for this project was to find out what a gathering around route data would mean to people with an intrinsic mobile lifestyle. In the course of the project the development of the drawing tool, the robot, embodiment of the expression of mobility, became a playing field in itself. Practical information Year of production 2006-2010. The project is available for exhibition purposes in the form of an installation (format flexible), off-line website or series of prints. Distribution via LIMA Amsterdam

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