Pelagic – Oceanic versions

SaltWaveAfter finalizing the Seascape panorama in 2012, our fascination for sea routes, especially the routes of fisher boats, only grew. We feel that the oceanic space for us is a great subject for our work. Given the opportunity, we would love to make more versions, exploring the oceans and the differences in route patterns of fisher boats as dependent on fishing methods and fish species, as well as ways of depicting the routes and exploring the medium of the panorama.
First fisherman’s (in this case woman’s) track that was the starting point for our oceanic fascination.

Artistic motivation
The sea is a blank sheet of paper where ships emerge and disappear. The choreography of movement of fisher boats is an unique expression of economic activities, technologies and traditions, the weather and the fish species one is after.

Practical information
We did some international research already, for example in the neighbourhood of fishermen in Makoko, Nigeria; Mombassa harbour, Kenia; Fraserburgh harbour, Scotland and in Razanj, Kroatie. We are very open to be invited to make new versions of this work.

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