Lost on Arrival

Lost on Arrival, 2020, short film/documentary.

In this film a man, after retiring, wants to return to the Caribbean island where he once lived. However, advancing dementia ruins his idyllic plans. He moves there but never really arrives.

This heartbreaking drama is portrayed using extremely minimalist means. Except for the opening scene, all we see is the view from a tropical veranda. We hear the man having telephone conversations with his son, in which he gradually acknowledges that he is losing his grip on reality. Even more telling is the silence during the son’s inaudible answers, his words helplessly dissolving into endless repetition.

Read here an interview with Ivar van Bekkum on SeeNL.

Lost on Arrival had its world premiere at Idfa 2020 in the Competition Short Documentaries.

Jan van Bekkum
Ivar van Bekkum

Island 1
Saint Martin

Island 2

Ivar van Bekkum
Esther Polak

Arno Peeters

subtitling English
Siji Jabbar

subtitling Papiamentu
Nathifa Martina

kindly supported by
Mondriaan Foundation
Stokroos Foundation

thanks to
Instituto Buena Bista Curaçao

worldwide distribution by

distribution and promotion by
EYE Experimental

Special thanks to
Carole and Candide van Bekkum
Lex ter Braak
Joost Daamen
Nicole Dudok van Heel
and Jedithja de Groot
Bernet Elzinga
Henk Ester
Roderick Evans-Knaup
Arjen Fortuin and Mare Faber
Quinsy Gario
Tosca Geneste
and Ron Wessels
Norrece T. Jones
and Betty Session
Hicham Khalidi
Peter Lievense
Karin Nab
Jun Plas and Nine Parre
Lizet Spijker
Ingrid van Tol
Tido Visser
Annet Zondervan

A film by

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