workshop reDesigning Affect Space – Architecture as Sonic Experience

Masterclass by Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum in cooperation with Hybrid Space Lab.
initial announcement
Saterday 14 April 2018


listen with headphones

listen with headphones

Sunday 15 April 2018
spatial listening with broadcasting streaming audio

Monday 16 April 2018 presentation

Rough program Saturday 14 April:
12:30 Start
12:40 presentation Esther/Ivar
12:55 presentation participants
14:00 experiments with/embodied spatial hearing
15:00 experiments with/windless hearing
15:30 spatial recording
16:30 exchange of results/experiences/goals for Sunday
17:00 end

Rough program Sunday 15 April:
12:30 Start
12:45 spatial listening with broadcasting streaming audio
14:15 discussing results
14:45 spatial recordings at locations (we will bring a choice of locations on Saturday)
16:15 prepare presentation (individual or in groups) with results of Saturday and Sunday*
17:00 end

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