OffCource @ Minerva

Students are invited to research one aspect of the art history: performance art in public space in a playful and participatory way. The research will be executed not from behind the desktop but by foot: literally by re-enacting historical performances in Groningen.

160209/11 – Workshop Lines Inscribed

We, The Group, continue listening around the phone, like gathering around a fireplace… I suppose we all imagine the city that we listen in on. Some descriptions and sentences are warm and funny. Move us…

150522 – Guiding Voices Harare

During 6 consecutive walks, the players passed on a given score by negotiating their trajectories between each other and the city in Harare, Zimbabwe. The work can be listened to in an indoors setting, or during a walk either in a random city or following the score from its original starting point: The First Floor […]

Guiding Voices

This City Sextet is a composition of street-chamber music performed by 6 players.

110310 – Pixelache

“On Exactitude in Mapping” “On Exactitude in Mapping” is a non technological, participatory performance in the tradition of “Relational Aesthetics”. The audience did, for a brief moment, became the map, the piece, the story and the landscape. for more information please go here