Our 50 minute film “Once We Get There” will be presented as an installation at The Abington Artcenter as part of the exhibition “Reflection”

OffCource @ Minerva

Students are invited to research one aspect of the art history: performance art in public space in a playful and participatory way. The research will be executed not from behind the desktop but by foot: literally by re-enacting historical performances in Groningen.

A Collision of Sorts

A Collision Of Sorts was screened al part of the ‘Gouden Kalf’ Competition at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht. The screening took place on September 23, 2017.


This summer we are very happy to again participate in ZADR (Zomer aan de Roosloot)  Kunstboerderij Voert 18a – Bergen vr/za/zo 12.00-17.00 uur 14 juli t/m 6 augustus with also works by: Ingrid Greijn, Frank Halmans, Carlijn Mens, Anna Mul, Pé Okx, PolakVanBekkum, Edmond Steinbusch

Exhibition TWEE (TWO)

After two years of inspiring leadership by Nicole Dudok and Jedithja de Groot Gallery DudokDeGroot will be the new name of the gallery that represents our work in The Netherlands. This will be celebrated with the group exhibition TWEE (TWO). Opening: July 8, 4-6 pm. 08 July 2017 – 22 July 2017 opening hours wednesday […]

161207 – Master of Film Lecture Series

Esther Polak: A Collision of Sorts Wednesday 07.12.2016 at 19.30h Once every three weeks on a Wednesday night, the Master’s department of the Film Academy invites guests to come and give a lecture. The lectures are free and open to all who are interested. A Collision of Sorts by Esther Polak will take place on […]


Series of presentations and informal conversations on artistic fields’ related theses, either produced in a Dutch Institution or abroad. BREAKING FOR KNOWLEDGE SESSION #11 ESTHER POLAK AND IVAR VAN BEKKUM ONCE WE GET THERE Esther will speak about Once We Get There. The film introduces an alienating yet familiar landscape of satellite images, tracks and […]

Special Mention at 2Annas Film Festival, Riga

  “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, as Akh, the biker in the film, posted on FB. Yes, we may say we appreciate being awarded this special mention! Out of 201 applications in het midlength competition we got the Special Mention for Once We Get There at the 2Annas International Film Festival in Riga, on 1 October 2016: […]

Open Fields, Rixc, Riga

Urban Fruit – Street Wrapper at the Rixc Open Fields Exhibition, Riga, Latvia. From September 30 until November 2, 2016. “The OPEN FIELDS international media art exhibition at the exhibition halls of the recently opened new building of the National Library of Latvia will represent works by artists, artists-researchers and data designers, who are challenging […]

Visions in the Nunnery, Bow Arts, London

The Mailman’s Bag coninues its tour around the world! From 5 October  until 18 December 2016, it is part of the exhibition Visions in the Nunnery 2016 in Bow Arts Gallery, London. ‘Visions in the Nunnery is a renowned showcase of contemporary moving image and performance work and celebrates its tenth edition. Selected from over […]

160914 – ArtistTalk at Drive of Walking

Wednesday 14 September  at the Van Eyck Academy Maastricht NL Walking Experiences.  Five artists and a writer each talk for 20 minutes about their work and what walking means to them. Artists: Marcus Coates, Esther Polak, Jan Rothuizen, David Helbich, Yeb Wiersma and curator and writer Rieke Vos. .

Fields Value

Fields Value is geïnspireerd door de oneindige artistieke en economische mogelijkheden van een gegeven budget. Het verkent de kracht van geld om visueel en duurzaam impact te hebben op het landschap. Het project wil deze impact zowel lokaal als globaal zo krachtig mogelijk inzetten. (nog niet gerealiseerd) English summary: The piece “Fields Value”  exists as […]

Zomer aan de Roosloot

Zomer aan de Roosloot; Bergen; Noord-Holland, NL.
In the weekend of 29- 31 July we are present between 12:00 and 17:00.

Droit de Suite – Tribute to Sophie Calle

Invited for the residency and exhibition “From Bits to Paper” (Feb- March 2016), Ivar and Esther developed a month-long performance, behaving  like digital location-trackers. They moved through Strasbourg, targeted people who were walking in the streets and followed them on foot, anonymously. The pursuits stopped when their signal got lost. The project was announced by […]

160422 – Technology / Affect / Space #1

We present some of our work in the contexts of the emergent techno-sensuous spatial order of Affect Space and how this can be mapped using the very technologies that produce these new dynamics.

160413 – West Wednesdays

Tijdens de rondleiding van West Wednesdays leten we op speciaal verzoek een exerpt zien van The Mailman’s Bag en vertellen op informele wijze over dit werk.

From Bits to Paper, Cardboard and ABS

I pick the first person in sight. I describe their journeying, their clothing: the colour, the materials. Brands I don’t mention, as I hardly recognize brands. The days that I follow people are cold, zero, at the most eight degrees Celsius and everybody is heavily clothed. I try to follow their gaze, to get a clue of their purpose, their thoughts.

AmsterdamREALTIME @ Made In Amsterdam

In 100 works of art, the exhibition “Made in Amsterdam” at the Amsterdam Museum showcased the most important artists, ideas and movements in the art world over the last century. We are very proud that AmsterdamREALTIME represented the year 2002. Tom Demeyer, Marleen Stikker and Esther Polak Esther Polak and Jeroen Kee A special introduction […]

160311 – Fluxus inspiratie lezing

Esther hield de Fluxus inspiratie lezing over de uitwerking van nieuwe technologieën in de beeldende kunst. Esther vertelde over het eigen werk, hoe PolakVanBekkum menselijke routes ook vertaalt naar prints, etsen en schaduw werken. Of hoe zij beelden van Google Street View transformeren tot een ouderwetse sinaasappelwikkel. Naast voorbeelden van hun eigen werk, gaat zij […]

160209/11 – Workshop Lines Inscribed

We, The Group, continue listening around the phone, like gathering around a fireplace… I suppose we all imagine the city that we listen in on. Some descriptions and sentences are warm and funny. Move us…

160209 – Kruisbestuiving van kunst en wetenschap

Barbara Nordhjem en Esther Polak – dubbellezing Wat leert hersenonderzoek ons over kunst? Hoe spelen kunstenaars met onze perceptie van de werkelijkheid? Esther Polak: Hoe verandert onze ervaring van ruimte door mobiliteit. ‘Het Bewegingszintuig’, zoals PolakVanBekkum het noemen, neemt niet alleen een bestaande ruimte waar, maar doet haar ook steeds opnieuw ontstaan. Esther Polak begint […]

151230 – Driver’s Dog finissage

At the last day of the show Driver’s Dog we gave a game-like presentation. We made cards that the audience could pick from and that each represented (at times contra directory) stories about the works.

Driver’s Dog

Solotentoonstelling 27 november tot en met 30 december 2015
Opening: 28 november 16-18 uur
Finnisage: woensdag 30 december 15.00 -17:00 uur

Driver’s Dog

Traveling trough the US PolakVanBekkum stopped at specific moments, to depict the landscape at low sun. Although not behind the wheel (still no license) Esther held a strong opinion about when to stop.

150910 – Akademieprijs Astronomie en Kunst

We are very happy to be one of the nominees for the Akademieprijs Astronomie en Kunst with our work Spiral Drawing Sunrise. The price was granted to “Zwarte Zon” (Black Sun) by Roland Schimmel. We are honoured to show Spiral Drawing Sunrise in this context. The opening will be on 11 September 2015 at 16.00 […]

150830-Global Imaginations

an in-depth introductions to the work of Annesas Appel, Anett Frontzek and PolakVanBekkum -amongst others by Johan Deumens. Cartography as a layered approach to conceptual space. Part of the side program of Global Imaginations and still on till October 4

Disruption, Vancouver, CA

The Mailman’s Bag has been presented as part of Disruption, ISEA 2015 Vancouver, CA August 2015 information about the catalogue is here You can order a hard copy here and for free download

The Mailman’s Bag

A bag that never parts from the mailman’s body, records the moment to moment interaction of mail delivery.

150522 – Guiding Voices Harare

During 6 consecutive walks, the players passed on a given score by negotiating their trajectories between each other and the city in Harare, Zimbabwe. The work can be listened to in an indoors setting, or during a walk either in a random city or following the score from its original starting point: The First Floor […]

Guiding Voices

This City Sextet is a composition of street-chamber music performed by 6 players.

250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia

Dutch visual artists Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum lived 7 months in Philadelphia. New to the city, they invited inhabitants, both human and non-human, to explain their city. Wandering by themselves, the protagonists recorded their trajectories, sounds and private readings of the streets, allowing the artists to access their experiences only afterwards. The film […]

Fronting Motion

“Fronting Motion” is an networked installation visualizing real-time data of ships entering the Southampton Harbour and nearby road traffic .

Sand Tags

A kind of stamp or print related to our bodies, that we execute on beaches at differed locations.

Follow Your Instinct

“Follow your Instinct” consists of making a series of long exposure images of people and their dogs.


#Sandmapping is a contemporary Land Art project that takes place both in the virtual domain as in the public space

Swarming Out

The entrance of the beach acts as a funnel for seaside visitors: a collaborative performance in Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

Route Cinema

Movies based on the idea of Google Earth being a mirror or temporary copy of the real world.

Lake Drawing Wind

During a performance five helium balloons were released from a rowing boat to float in the wind.

110310 – Pixelache

“On Exactitude in Mapping” “On Exactitude in Mapping” is a non technological, participatory performance in the tradition of “Relational Aesthetics”. The audience did, for a brief moment, became the map, the piece, the story and the landscape. for more information please go here


When mobility is the basis of an economic life style, what does it mean to literally gather around ones personal and relevant route data?

Souvenir Zeeland

In 2008, Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum followed, with GPS, the tracks of farmers that work the fields for crops.   The sand robot (developed by Esther Polak for the NomadicMILK project) did run these farmers tracks, scaled in time and space, over big sheets of paper. The track was fixed using a special […]


A locative media project and world premiere of GPS track docu-fiction, central theme being the The Opzeeland Dairy Route by night.

Radio Oostvaart

Esther: ‘I hope that people will look at the different ways of dealing with animals. People living or working just a mile away from each other can have a completely different approach to these creatures.’ In three weeks – from 4 to 24 September 2006 – Esther made a total of 15 vodcasts in three […]

Luidt de Zuidpoort

The strangeness of a new house ore neighbourhood becomes apparent it the experience of the sounds. To develop a feeling of home, one has to get familiar with the sounds of the place. In the beginning, every new sound stands out. The project Luidt de Zuidpoort uses this heightened sensibility for sound, in organizing a […]


GPS as a story telling tool: stories of farmers and other people involved in one dairy transport and its lines trough the landscape form the heard of the MILKproject.

Observing the Sea

Esther Polak invited ten specialists of the sea at Scheveningen lighthouse to tell her about their personal relation with the sea. A marathon session of 24 hours. Each guest looks at the sea from another angle and explaines this. In August and September 2004 the resulting one hour radio program (Dutch only) was broadcasted day […]