The City as Performative Object

You can build any structure, but only when passed by, it comes into being.

During 2017-2019 we do research on “The City as Performative Object”. This investigation is based on our hypothesis that the city is created by move-act of the individual. Inspired by Judith Butler’s thinking around gender, performativity and speech-act we approach mobility as a performative force, continuously writing, rewriting and overwriting the city’s architecture, identity, planning and intentions. We will explore the city’s unstable existence, its ongoing presence as a Performative Object, that is produced by what we call (for now), move-acts.

Our research results in a series of texts, discussions, revisits of artworks, workshops, lectures and a data-film executed in Amsterdam Zuidoost.


CBK ZuidOost

LAPS, Research Institute for Art and Public Space

The research is kindly supported by the Grant Programme for E-Culture


• The short version of the tekst in Dutch; download .pdf

2019 September 4 Presentation of the video Walking Essay “City as Performative Object” at ZKM as part of the lecture series “Seasons of Media Arts. City of Participative Visions

•  2018 September 17 -28 we gave a 2-week workshop at KABK Interfaculty, Den Haag, Netherlands.

•  2018 April 13-16 we gave a workshop in Berlin in collaboration with Eric Kluitenberg and HybridSapceLab at Spectrum Berlin

• 2017 September-December we gave a one-day-a-week workshop at Minerva Academie, Groningen, Netherlands

•  2017: Lecture at Penn State Abington, PhiladelphisUSA

•  Technology / Affect / Space #1: Mapping Affect Space

•  Stadsleven Blog (In Dutch) De magie van langzaam lopen

•  The Essay in Footsteps was premiered on at LIMA Amsterdam as part of the Conference “Critical Theory in the Humanities: Resonances of the Work of Judith Butler”

• The Essay in Footsteps is published in Open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain

The Essay in Footsteps is presented as a lecture/performance at Penn State/Abington Art Centre in Philadelphia.

The Essay in Footsteps is executed as a live performance (in Dutch) as part of M4gastcollege Over Taal:

Saskia Monshouwer wrote (in Dutch) a review on our lecture performance

November 2017 The data film in Amsterdam ZuidOost is presented as part of AIR in Zuidoost #2017

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