The City as a Performative Object

You can build any structure, but only when passed by, it comes into being.

During 2016-2018 we do research on “The City as Performative Object”. This investigation is based on our hypothesis that the city is created by move-act of the individual. Inspired by Judith Butler’s thinking around gender, performativity and speech-act we approach mobility as a performative force, continuously writing, rewriting and overwriting the city’s architecture, identity, planning and intentions. We will explore the city’s unstable existence, its ongoing presence as a Performative Object, that is produced by what we call (for now), move-acts.

Our research results in a series of texts, discussions, revisits of artworks, workshops, lectures and a data-film executed in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Upcoming Events

April 13-16 we will give a workshop in Berlin in collaboration with Eric Kluitenberg and HybridSapceLab at Spectrum Berlin


CBK ZuidOost

LAPS, Research Institute for Art and Public Space

The research is kindly supported by the Grant Programme for E-Culture

Past Events/Publications/Presentations

•  2017: Lecture at Penn State Abington, PhiladelphisUSA

•  Technology / Affect / Space #1: Mapping Affect Space

•  Stadsleven Blog (In Dutch) De magie van langzaam lopen

•  The Essay in Footsteps was premiered on at LIMA Amsterdam as part of the Conference “Critical Theory in the Humanities: Resonances of the Work of Judith Butler”

• The Essay in Footsteps is published in Open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain

The Essay in Footsteps is presented as a lecture/performance at Penn State/Abington Art Centre in Philadelphia.

The Essay in Footsteps is executed as a live performance (in Dutch) as part of M4gastcollege Over Taal:

Saskia Monshouwer wrote (in Dutch) a review on our lecture performance

November 2017 The data film in Amsterdam ZuidOost is presented as part of AIR in Zuidoost #2017

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